FLC-1200 Series Bi-Directional Accumulation Conveyor

FLC Bi-Directional Accumulation table rugged design can help maintain line efficiency by minimizing the effects of stoppages in downstream equipment. Excess production from upstream equipment can be stored off line and automatically introduced to downstream equipment when the upstream product flow is interrupted.


  • Frame: Constructed from Rugged 10 Ga. Formed Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Steel.*

  • Cross Member: Constructed from 7 Ga. Formed Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Steel with a clean down bent bottom lip.

  • Wear strip: UHMW Covered Straight or Chevron Style.

  • Leg Support: Constructed from Formed 7 Ga. Stainless Steel or Power Coated Steel Channel with adjustable 3/4" Threaded Foot Pads.

  • Shaft(s): Drive Shaft constructed from 2 1/2" Square and 2” Round Shafts for the Idler Ends.*
    (Tables wider than 4’ provided with center shaft bearing support)

  • Chain: 1” Pitch 1/2" Thick with Matching Dynamic Transfer to allow for smoother in/out feed of product with no “Dead” areas or Dead plates.

  • Drive: Supplied Standard with Dodge Quantis or equivalent In-Line Helical Gear Motor.

  • Guide: Conveyor is provided with Standard 2 1/2" Spaced 1/2 Round Guide Rail to provide optimal bottle support.

  • *For Wash down Condition Stainless Steel shafts and Clean-out Holes in the Side Frame are provided.

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