FLC-4100 Series Cable Conveyor

FLC provides modular design cable conveyor components to meet your needs. Cable conveyor is economical by design using a 3/8" diameter cable to carry the product. The conveyor frame consists of a base angle with cable sheave support rollers and side guide saddles/rails. This type of conveyor is lightweight, making it easier to support overhead, and has minimal wear components making it a very low maintenance method of product conveyance. FLC-4100 series components include; drive units, corner turn units, take-up units, and in-line transfer units for extended linear conveyor runs. FLC can provide stand alone alpine systems for product accumulation and changes in elevations. Also available are stainless steel container rod fittings; twists, inverters, gravities, pneumatic diverters, gates, can washers and dud detectors.


  • Frame: Constructed from 3/16” structural angle steel with Powder Coated finish.
  • Wear strip: UHMW cable guide or 3” diameter sheaves for cable support.

  • Leg Supports: Constructed from 2” angular steel with power coated finish

  • Shaft(s): Drive / Tail Shaft constructed from 1 1/4" CRS Round Shafts.

  • Cable: 3/8” OD nylon coated galvanized steel cable. Other types available upon request.

  • Drive: Supplied Standard with Dodge Tigear 2 or equivalent Worm Gear reducer.

  • Guide: Conveyor is provided with Standard dual 1-1/2" channel style guide rail to provide optimal product support. UHMW contact surface available.

  • Motors: HP Supplied to Specifications, Standard Electrical 460/230 Volt 3Phase 60 hertz.

  • Sheaves: Cast iron or aluminum sheaves 12” to 18” diameter available.

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