FLC-2700 Series Head Space Sterilizer

The FLC continuous motion side grip cap sterilizer gently captures and stablizes the container, vertically inverts and rotates the container for proper cap sterilization. Dual variable drive motors. Modular stainless steel construction allows for easy system integration. Custom built for every application to ensure proper container handling and easily adjustability between container sizes.


  • Support Frame: Constructed from 2” Square T304 #3 Polish Stainless Steel.

  • Wear strip: UHMW Chain Track with Oilers on in feed to all Curves. Upper Curve provided with turn disc on inside of corner to eliminate chain friction.

  • Base Support: Constructed from 2” square tubing Stainless Steel with adjustable Valu-Guide style footpads (Lag Holes Provided).

  • Shaft(s): Drive and Tail Shaft constructed from 1 1/4" Round Ground and Polished and provided with 2-Bolt Flanged Housed Bearings.

  • Adjustment: Roller chain driven Acme shafts and roller supports. All sections adjust together from one turn wheel located at operator height.

  • Chain: 1 1/2” Pitch Gripper Style Roller Chain Base for maximum product handling ability.

  • Drive: Supplied Standard with Lenze In-Line Gear Motor and Coupled to Drive Shaft.

  • Motors: HP Supplied to Specifications, Standard Electrical 460/230 Volt 3Phase 60 hertz.

  • Guard: All sections supplied with Polycarbonate Front and side protection to eliminate hazard of falling objects to operators. Drop pans provided to prevent line damage. Polycarbonate is raised off of framing to prevent Bacteria growth and aid in the ease of cleanabliity.

  • TakeUp: Pneumatic “Pull” style take-up provided to ensure optimal chain life and tension.

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