FLC-2100 Series Zero-Pressure Combiner Conveyor

FLC provides a modular closed top design with elevated UHMW wear strip chain guides for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Constructed from 11 gauge formed stainless steel or mild steel with powder coat paint finish material to meet your requirements. Our modules consist of: drives, straights and idlers. FLC has engineered each conveyor module for proper fit and function to ensure easy integration into your system to meet your needs. The 2100 single filer System is designed to transport a constant and steady flow of product from mass to single lane. It is versatile enough to handle product ranging from empty containers to full containers both round and off-shapes. Using specialty deign guide rail as well as chain flow helps product run and transfer smoothly and safely through the line.


  • Frame: Constructed from Rugged 11 Ga. Formed Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Steel.*

  • Wear strip: Stainless or Aluminum with UHWM cover.

  • Leg Supports: Constructed from 1½” Square Stainless Steel or Power Coated 1½” square Steel tubing with adjustable 5/8" Threaded Foot Pads. Standard height is 36” with custom sizes available.

  • Shaft(s): Drive / Tail Shaft constructed from 1 1/4" Round Shafts.*

  • Chain: 1” Pitch w/ 1/2" Thick. Dynamic Transfer Chain to match where required. Out-feed tabletop chain to match chain heights for smooth transfer

  • Drive: Supplied Standard with Dodge Tigear 2 or equivalent Worm Gear reducer.

  • Guide: Conveyor is provided with Standard 2 1/2" Spaced 1/2 Round Guide Rail to provide optimal product support. Beaded guide rail is optional for products that tend to jam.

  • Motors: HP Supplied to Specifications, Standard Electrical 460/230 Volt 3Phase 60 hertz.

  • *For Wash down Condition Stainless Steel shafts and Clean-out Holes in the Side Frames are provided.

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